CBS, MSNBC Hosts Push Climate Change as Cause of Hurricane Harvey

Roberts: ‘It’s a question a lot of people are wondering’

Saturday, CBS, MSNBC Hosts Push Climate Change as Cause of Hurricane Harvey (NewsBusters)

On Saturday, climate change again became a source of blame for Hurricane Harvey and its path of destruction along the Texas coastline as it moved inland where it has since dropped biblical-like amounts of flooding in the Houston area. Two hosts on CBS and MSNBC invoked climate change, without taking into account things like steering currents.

Mid-Saturday afternoon, MSNBC Live host Thomas Roberts brought on Aerisweather founder Paul Douglas to promote this claim seconds before a press conference by Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R).

“So, the demotion from a category four to a tropical storm really hasn't stopped the threat of what is going on historic rainfall, more than 40 inches predicted and leaving nearly 300,000 people without power currently. Could climate change be fueling the history-making nature of this storm? It's a question a lot of people are wondering,” Thomas claimed. 

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