Houston Police Chief: Flooding Has Impacted the Entire State

‘I’ve had officers with tears in their eyes frustrated that they couldn’t do more quickly’


ACEVEDO: "You know, I'm -- the mayor and the county judge and the police chief, the fire service, and we all got together. And we -- we’re a region of 6.5 million people, a city of about 2.3 million people. The event, as you all know, has not — that was not contained to just Houston, it has impacted the entire state. And so, for those that say that there’s the magic of evacuation, I’d like them to show me the magic plan that would have moved these people safely, especially when we know that we have so many waterways throughout the state of Texas that cross these highways that we're using that are prone to flash flooding. I’d like to say that we’ve only lost one confirmed death so far and maybe up to three. I can almost guarantee you we evacuated this city."

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