Steve King: McCain and Jeff Flake Are For Open Borders and Have Been for Amnesty Their Whole Life

‘I would probably think I’ve spent more time with Joe Arpaio than either of them’

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LEMON: "Yeah. Well, let me ask you about your cohorts in Washington. Both Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff flake have criticized this pardon, and presumably, they know this sheriff and the situation in their state best. What’s your reaction? It’s their state and they know him." 
KING: "I would probably think I’ve spent more time with Joe Arpaio than either of them. But think have been essentially for open borders. They don’t want to secure the border. They have been for amnesty all their political life. So you often see people take a position that’s consistent for what they hope gets accomplished with regard to their policies that they favor, rather than an objective look. And I just, I just watch this political persecution take place under the Obama Administration. And when they pulled the 287-g program from Maricopa County, at that time it was conclusive to my, that it was an effort to prohibit him from enforcing the law. And think wanted to punish Joe arpaio."

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