NAACP’s Hilary Shelton: What Kapernick Did ‘Was Very Respectful’ Taking a Knee During the National Anthem

‘Taking to a knee at the National Anthem recognized that National Anthem’

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VELSHI: "Supporters of football player Colin Kaepernick took to the streets outside the NFL headquarters to protest what they see as unfair treatment of the player by the league. Kaepernick has yet to sign to a new team after leaving the 49ers earlier this year. Some of his fans believe he’s been black listed by the NFL for his controversial decision to take to a knee during performances of the national anthem last season as a means of protesting racism and discrimination in the united States, particularly at the hands of law enforcement. That’s an opinion shared by the naacp which sent a letter to the NFL requesting a meeting to discuss Kaepernick’s situation. For more on this I want to talk to Hillary Shelton, senior vice president for policy and advocacy at the naacp. Hillary, good to see you again. Thank you for being with me again."
SHELTON: "Thank you. Great to be with you."
VELSHI: "Your organization wrote a letter to the NFL in support of Colin which read in report, no player should be victimized and discriminated against because of his exercise of free speech. Situations like this will continue to persist if they’re met with indifference and inaction. What is your ask of the NFL?"
SHELTON: "That he be treated fairly. That as we’re looking at the free agent at this point in the season and seeing that he seems to be shunned in some ways we believe there’s some wrongdoings on his behalf and we know that athletes in our country have been utilized in some helpful ways throughout our history. Whether they’re thinking about people like Arthur ashe or even Muhammad Ali. Their outspokenness have been crucial to the nation moving ahead. First recognizing the challenge and problem going on. But then calling us all to action to address those concerns as well. What he did on the field was very respectful. Taking to a knee at the National Anthem recognized that National Anthem, but sent out that clear signal that something is wrong in America and we have to address it."

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