CNN’s Nic Robertson: World Leaders See Trump as ‘Global Liability’

‘The interesting line, world leaders seeing President Trump as a global liability, not a global leader’


WARD: "CNN international diplomatic editor, Nic Robertson joins me now. Nic, you've written this editorial piece on It's a very interesting read, the closing lines, of course, that many world leaders starting to see President Trump as a global liability, not a global leader -- strong words. What did you mean by that?" 
ROBERTSON: "This is, now it seems, a president who is being judged by, you know, leaders, opposition figures in countries around the world. Take example of Germany; Angela Merkel is about to go into an election in -- in less than a month for now. Her main challenger is criticizing her for being too close to President Trump. President Trump’s grandfather came from Germany. He's being viewed as a pariah in that which is a major economic powerhouse in Europe, which is a major economic partner, if you will, with the United States globally. You know, that’s just the example of Germany. President Trump’s lack of consistency, if you will, worries leaders around the world. The head of NATO has said what we need from NATO and from the United States is that consistency. And when we don’t have that, as -- as NATO, as -- as key countries around the world facing off against let's say Russia or China or North Korea, then we are weaker then we -- then we're not in a strong position. That seems to be a judgment coming, that's being made based on what -- what politicians see happening domestically in the United States, these back-to-back one day President Trump very careful and controlled in a very careful narrative, delivered over a teleprompter, the next day at a -- at a, you know, more of a rally where the message is off script."

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