Huckabee on Hurricane Harvey: ‘People Underestimate the Force of Water’

‘People underestimate the force of water’


HUCKABEE: "Well, you do really three things; first, you plan for the retreat and evacuation, then you look at the rescue operation, and the third thing is the recovery when the storm is finished. When you’re talking about flood waters, you’re really talking about the single most dangerous thing. When people say, oh, it’s a cat two hurricane, doesn’t matter. What really matters here is the flood waters, because 6 inches of water moving knocks you off your feet. Ten mile-an-hour water moving has the effect of 270 mile-per-hour winds. And people underestimate the force of water. And so what you to do is to look at all of the assets that you have as a state and start standing them up well in advance of the storm."

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