Varney to Jeff DeWit: You’ve Got a Deal with Trump to Primary Flake if Flake Makes a Wrong Move, Haven’t You?

‘You’re part of the threat that President Trump is hanging over the heads of Congress’


VARNEY: "Bottom line to me is you are President Trump’s leverage over Senator Flake. If senator Flake makes a wrong move, you’ve got a deal with President Trump to primary him, haven’t you?" (Laughter) 
DEWIT: "Well, if you didn’t see the book that came out, the wrong moves have -- have been made, I will say that. But President Trump understands -- I’ll tell you, he understands the races in every state. He really pays attention. And he understands too, he needs -- he really wants in this next election cycle to try to get the Senate to the 60-seat majority because he’s trying to get his agenda done."

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