Noah Rothman: Trump’s Not a Republican and Does Not Have Their Best Interest at Heart

‘He wasn’t a Republican for most of his political life’


ROTHMAN: "And there was a little prescient element at the end of that op-ed that I think probably is going to end up being something we look back on as foreshadowing where they say there might be an opportunity for Donald Trump to have a little affair with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Republicans should keep in mind that this president is a new-found member of the Republican Party. He wasn’t a Republican for most of his political life. His instincts are not conservative, as evidenced by his antipathy for the filibuster. He’s going to be playing footsie with Democrats in the event that they demonstrate some electoral capacity to retake the chambers, and Republicans should be aware of that. This president isn’t a Republican and doesn’t have their best interest at heart and they’re going to have to steward their interests."

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