Greg Gutfeld: Does ESPN Still Cover Sports or ‘Just Their Asses’?

‘What’s next, ESPN? Ban words like ‘monumental’ or ‘statuesque?’

Greg Gutfeld: Does ESPN Still Cover Sports or ‘Just Their Asses’? (Mediaite)

On Wednesday night, The Five‘s Greg Gutfeld connected President Trump‘s anti-media rhetoric from his rally in Phoenix to the ESPN controversy surrounding their reassigning of its broadcaster Robert Lee during his monologue.

He began by saying “we learned” from the rally that “the media is the disease” and that Trump “is the cure” and praised his “infomercial” for Fox News “knowing that it was airing on CNN,” which he called “awesome trolling.”

“By now we know Trump’s spiel — the media makes a big deal about nothing,” Gutfeld said. “But ESPN proved him right!”

He thought it was “sad” that the network felt the need to “protect a grown man from jokes.”

“It supports Trump’s media analysis,” Gutfeld continued. “When you react preemptively over a cowardly fear of something that doesn’t exist, you are broken. And the media think’s Trump is unstable?”

Gutfeld claimed that ESPN is “trapped in a mirage” where all things are “viewed irrationally” because the “poor saps are held hostage to fear.”

“What’s next, ESPN?” he asked the sports network. “Ban words like ‘monumental’ or ‘statuesque?’ What about players name ‘Jefferson’ or ‘Davis?'”

He concluded by asking if ESPN “still covers sports or just their asses?”

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