Katy Tur: No Matter What the GOP Wants, Trump ‘Will Always Favor Hearing the Roar of the Crowd’

‘He is president and he’s failing to rise to the roll, failing to rise to the office’


TUR: "And make no mistake, Andrea, we've seen this movie before. When given the option of staying on message, staying on prompter, doing what his advisers may want him to do or the Republican Party may want him to do, Donald Trump will always favor hearing the roar of the crowd and that is never more true than when he is in Arizona. Think about last year, he had that relatively measured meeting with Mexican leaders in Mexico, flew directly to Arizona, and had what was one of the rowdiest and most divisive campaign speeches of his entire campaign. And that is saying a lot. And while aides may look to last night, and those who are real Trump supporters, those who whisper in his ear, still, even though they’re not there, and say, 'That is exactly the Trump who won, that is exactly the Trump you need to be,' the reality is, Andrea, he is not running for anything right now. He is president. And he’s failing to rise to the roll, failing to rise to the office. He’s once again cowering to his base."

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