CNN Trump Voter Panel Returns: Nazis and ANTIFA Like ‘Hitler and Stalin’

‘Let’s face the reality. There are problems on both sides’

The CNN Trump Voter Panel Returns — Nazis and ANTIFA Like ‘Hitler and Stalin’ (Mediaite)

Joy descended on the Mediaite office Wednesday with another installment of New Day’s famed Trump voter panel. The ritual involves a CNN anchor, often Alisyn Camerota, interviewing and generally being bemused by a group of died-in-the-wool Trump voters.

Today was no exception.

While the media spent the better part of last week hounding Trump for his “many sides” remarks to the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, the CNN voter panel was united in just the opposite conclusion. There were many sides, they asserted and a choice between Nazis and ANTIFA was a false one — like choosing between “Hitler and Stalin.”

God — do we love the Trump voter panel!

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