Jeff DeWit: What Drives the Media Crazy Is Trump Has the Ability To Go Directly to America

‘The media is treating President Trump very unfairly’


DEWIT: "Oh, I think he’s right on the money. He came out very, very strongly and condemned all forms of racism the day that it came out. And then the media would never give him credit for that. So, you know, I think it’s sad what -- what they put him through with these things. He did the right thing and they said, oh, he wasn’t specific enough. Never mind the double standard that Obama never was specific, and they never said that about him. But they said, oh, President Trump wasn’t specific. So then two days later, he comes out with another statement that’s very specific, and they act like that’s the first statement. So, you know, the media is treating President Trump very unfairly. But, the -- the one thing he has that I think drives the media crazy is he has the ability to go directly to America --"
DOOCY: "Sure."
DEWIT: "-- and -- and more -- more so than any president in history, he can get his message across --"
DOOCY: "With -- sure."
DEWIT: "-- and that’s why he’s still supported so strongly, especially here in Arizona."
DOOCY: "He’s able to do it with Twitter and also the big rallies."

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