Kelli Ward: If I Had to Pick a Champion in ‘Game of Thrones’ I’d Go With Trump, Not McConnell

‘That support for President Trump and his America-first agenda is strong in Arizona’


ASMAN: "You have President Trump. That is a pretty big ace in your hand. Your challenger, senator flake, the incumbent, senator flake has Mitch McConnell and Mitch McConnell’s pac, his political action committee put out ads saying and I’m quoting here, you have got your head in the clouds with crazy ideas. So you have the president. Flake has Mcconnell. Who do you think wins in that hand?"
WARD: "Well if I had to pick a champion in the “Game of thrones” I would definitely go with trump, not Mcconnell."
ASMAN: "All right. Well, and what about the people of Arizona now? It should be mentioned that the president won the state against Hillary Clinton, I think he got about 48%. She got about 44 1/2%. But the president’s ratings have come down in Arizona. Do you think that would negatively affect you?"
WARD: "We aren’t seeing any sign of that here tonight. I think that support for President Trump and his america-first agenda is strong in Arizona. People want a secure border. They want to stop illegal immigration. They want ObamaCare to be repealed. They want the economy to continue to grow like it has been under President Trump. The sky really is the limit. My head is not in the sky but the sky is the limit for this economy and this country."
ASMAN: "You are a physician, we should mention, so health care is very important to you personally but also as politician. Arizona has become kind of a poster-child for how ObamaCare has failed. We can put up the amount of, that insurance has gone up in Arizona since ObamaCare started in 2014. Insurance has gone up 157%. Do arizonans blame Congress or the president for the fact that we haven’t had a repeal of ObamaCare?"
WARD: "They are blaming Congress and in particular here many are blaming senator John McCain for giving that thumbs down on the skinny repeal to start the ball rolling, to get rid of ObamaCare. Arizonians, just like all-Americans are suffering under high deductibles, sky-high premiums and no access to high-quality, cost effective health care. ObamaCare has got to go. 
ASMAN: "What do you hope to hear from the president tonight about ObamaCare?"
WARD: "I hope he is going to continue to work with Congress, the house and the Senate and the White House together so that we can fully repeal it.' 
ASMAN: "Do you think it is over? A lot of people say, let’s move on to taxes. Let’s bench the idea of repealing ObamaCare for the moment. What do you think?"
WARD: " I certainly don’t think it is open, but might take until 2019 when we replace establishment, middle of the road, professional politicians with true conservatives who want to put America first." 
ASMAN: "We’re expecting the president to go out to the border as well today. The question of the wall is still current, whether or not Mexico is going to pay for it is one deal but will we see any action on the wall with regard to the border?"
WARD: "I’m glad the president is visiting with the border. He is visiting with the border patrol, that need our support and need resources and manpower and money they were hired to do. That is one of the biggest differences between flake and me. He is for open borders and amnesty. I’m for securing the border, building the wall and stopping illegal immigration." 
ASMAN: "Dr. Kelli ward, thanks for coming on."

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