Fmr. Breitbart Spox: Trump Should Be Worried, Breitbart Will Help Impeach Him if He Goes the Other Way

‘They will not hesitate if Trump deviates at all from any of the rhetoric he said during the campaign, they’ll go full tilt’


CUOMO: "You know Bannon. Should the president be worried?" 
BARDELLA: "Yes, I think he should. And I think if you look at the pages of Breitbart right now, there are stories about Ivanka, Jared, H.R. McMaster. He's going under attack. Which is why it's all the more perplexing, actually, that the president put out the tweet over the weekend endorsing Steve essentially, saying he's going to be a great voice -- a great new voice at Breitbart. And this is a platform that's already attacking members of his staff, his national security team, his family. You know, it just goes to show that Breitbart is going to go fully aggressive at the agenda that they have advocated for. Trump was just a vehicle for them to try to prop up that agenda. But they will not hesitate if Trump deviates at all from any of the rhetoric that he said during the campaign. They're going to go full tilt. I mean they've already -- there are stories [indecipherable] of how they have said it."
CUOMO: "Right."
BARDELLA: "They'll help impeach Trump if he goes the other way." 

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