Scarborough: Trump’s Getting Nothing Done

‘He runs against Goldman Sachs and then the Goldman Sachs crowd is running the White House’


SCARBOROUGH: “And again, you look at what he said to win Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. You look at what he’s done, he's hired more billionaire CEOs or certainly a ton of them, and again, I don’t say this with any resentment, I’d like to work for Goldman Sachs but they just won’t hire me, but he runs against Goldman Sachs and then he's got the Goldman Sachs crowd running the White House. So while it provides comfort to so many of us who think, 'Oh, he’s got steady hands, he's got people who have run things before and know what they’re doing,' if you’re in Michigan or Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or Ohio, you’re like, 'Wait a second, this isn’t matching up with what he said he was going to do-' Plus, he’s getting nothing done.”

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