CNN Contributor: Iron Dome ‘Takes Away Hamas’s Military Leverage’ over Israel

‘It allows Israel to essentially assault and siege Gaza without any retribution or response on the other side’

CNN Contributor Gripes That Iron Dome ‘Takes Away Hamas’s Military Leverage’ Over Israel (NewsBusters)

Complaints from the mainstream media over the disproportionate nature of the Israel-Hamas conflict have reached a fever pitch in recent weeks. The problem for them, it seems, is that not enough Israelis are dying in this conflict between a democratic state and a terrorist-run Islamist territory. Leave it to CNN commentator Marc Lamont Hill to make the point a little bit more explicit.

In a discussion on the August 4 edition of CNN Newsroom, Hill critiqued Israel’s Iron Dome system, almost lamenting the fact that it has limited Israeli deaths, leading to the disproportionate outcome of the war liberals so often mention. He absurdly claimed.

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