Gregg Jarrett: ‘Better than 50% Chance’ Trump Will Pardon Joe Arpaio; Conviction Is Very Questionable

‘Again, it’s a misdemeanor’


JARRETT:" >> When the president speaks at the veteran memorial coliseum, a huge menu, he may take the opportunity then, in front of a very friendly crowd to pardon sheriff Joe arpaio. He really was very moved by the circumstances of this misdemeanor conviction. He felt it was unfair, his political prosecution that began in the Obama Administration’s department of justice. I looked at a lot of the record on that conviction. It’s very questionable. Arpaio said look, I followed the advice of my employer at the time. Who did not provide me with all of the restrictions contained in the order. I looked at the order itself, it was ambiguous. If you had put this case in front of a jury, and it probably should be in front of a jury, since jail time is the penalty — he would have been acquitted. I’m pretty sure. I think the president will probably go ahead and pardon arpaio. Again, it’s a misdemeanor. We are talking about small potatoes."

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