CNN’s Acosta: Steve Bannon Essentially ‘Pushed Out’ After Given Option to Resign

‘It is believed that Steve Bannon resigned, but it is also believed that he may have been given the option to resign’


ACOSTA: "That is a concern that the president and his team have had for some time, but nevertheless, the feeling was inside the White House talking to several sources, Wolf, that Steve Bannon just had to go. This was becoming sort of an untenable situation, because he was just creating too much controversy for himself. And so, the president and his team apparently feeling that it was appropriate for him to go. Again, I’m told by a White House source in just the last couple minutes that the belief is that he resigned, that he stepped aside, but there’s also a belief inside the White House that he was given that option. So, essentially, he was pushed out, Wolf."

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