Andrea Mitchell: ‘I Have Never Been as Discouraged As I Have Been This Week About Our Country’

‘I have never been as discouraged as I have been this week about our country’


MITCHELL: "I’m an optimist. I have never been as discouraged as I have been this week about our country. Not the people of our country but the leaders of our country. There is a central corruption of the spirit at the core of all of this, and people have overlooked a lot of the financial self-dealing and a lot of the other things along the way, but when you keep making excuses, you get to the center of it, and, as Peggy Noonan was calling for love, all I see is self-love and that is not leadership. So I don’t know where — I don’t know where we go here. I do think that you have senators Tim Scott and others, Ted Cruz, who would have thought that Ted Cruz would be more compassionate and loving and show more character this week than the President of the United States? It’s just totally confounding." 

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