Tony Schwartz Says Trump Will Resign Before Year’s End: Reminds Me of ‘Last Days of Nixon’

‘The level of his self-destructiveness is staggering’


SCHWARTZ: "Well, I think the snowball is beginning to gather momentum as it comes down the mountain, and it reminds me a lot of watergate and the last days of Nixon when the tide turns, it really turns. And that’s what’s happened here. You look at the range of things that have happened, most notably his response to the events in Virginia this last week and what he’s gone back and forth saying to Kim Jong un about North Korea and you’ve got kind of — he’s put himself in an isolated, no-win position. The level of his self-destructiveness is staggering, but what he’s done is he’s pushed away all the potential allies, and they were beginning to diminish in number anyway, but he’s now pushed away business people, CEOs. He’s now pushed away Bannon. You see Bannon playing politics with his own boss. He’s pushed away, you know, a good percentage of the Congress, even in his own party. So where’s the potential to survive? And then sitting in the background on this, Anderson, of course is Mueller’s continuing investigation into Russia. And, look, this is not a boy scout, Donald Trump. Never was part of the boy scouts. He’s been doing — he’s been lying — it’s not he started lying when he became president or when he started running for president. This is a man who has been deceitful and manipulative for 50 years plus. So what’s going to get uncovered by an investigation that really looks into every corner is almost incalculable. And my belief about why he’ll resign — go ahead."

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