Sean Hannity on Democrats: ‘They Have Made Race a Political Wedge Issue in this Country for Decades’

‘They have used it sadly to rip this country apart’


HANNITY: "This just highlights the Democrats massive double standard when it comes to race in America, the divides that they are contributing to. They have made race a political wedge issue in this country for decades and they have used it sadly to rip this country apart. We showed you how President Obama, he rushed to judgment, race to conclusions for any evidence, any facts came out, and the testimony came out in four particular high-profile race cases, rush to judgment. President Obama made it a point to associated himself with groups like black lives matter and chant things like what we want dead cops? Pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon. President Obama invited black lives matter to his White House and praised a black lives matter leader. While completely excusing his antipolice remarks, take a look at a couple of his tweets. Feared for my life language is perhaps the new execution model of America's largest gain, the police. Should someone who spews that hatred really have been invited to Obama's White House? Where was the media's outrage then? He was praised by the president at the time, President Obama, there's the issue of leftists destroying public property and tearing down monuments like what we saw happen in Durham, North Carolina, this week."

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