Sekulow: The DoJ, FBI and Obama W.H. Were All Involved in the Lynch-Clinton Meeting

They ‘were all involved in this Clinton/Lynch meeting, how to message and handle it’


SEKULOW: "So here’s what happened. We filed a Freedom of Information Act request to both the FBI and the Department of Justice. The FBI came back with a letter last July saying we have no documents relevant to your inquiry. The Department of Justice didn’t even respond. And when they didn’t respond we filed a lawsuit in federal court in Washington, D.C., and the court issued an order demanding that the Department of Justice produce documents. They produced those documents just about a week ago, Steve. And in those documents, lo and behold was communications between the FBI and the Department of Justice. The very documents that the FBI said did not exist were actually produced in the request that we got the — the court order we got from the district court judge. Now, it focused on a timeline of what took place inside the Department of justice as the Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton meeting was getting public. And, I mean, by the way, the FBI correspondence, the e-mail from the Department of Justice to the FBI included an e-mail to the chief of staff for James Comey who, remember, when he made his testimony, said he was shocked and -- and outraged at what happened and that was the reason he went public on the Hillary Clinton matter as they called it. Well, take it a step further now, after that disclosure came out, obviously became clear to us there were documents, in fact, between the FBI and Department of Justice. And I’m holding in my hand a letter that I received yesterday where a rather unprecedented move, the FBI has reopened that FOIA investigation to produce relevant documents to the inquiry that we now know exists. That doesn’t happen. And so this was a positive sign. But the biggest issue is not so much what we have gotten so far, which is significant. It shows communication to the Department of Justice and the FBI, Department of Justice and the White House, were all involved in this Clinton/Lynch meeting, how to message and handle it."

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