Rothman: Trump’s ‘Always Going to Sabotage’ GOP Efforts To Reform Taxes, Health Care

‘The agenda is always going to stymie efforts to break from Donald Trump’

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ROTHMAN: "Yeah, he has to sign legislation. Trump's election was the torment of Tantalus for Republicans. They had their agenda within reach, but just outside of it. He’s always going to sabotage their efforts to get tax code reform, to reform the ObamaCare health care law. Like John was saying, the Republican calculus is they’re afraid of their base. They don’t want to get primaried. But a point of diminishing returns is reached once you get 70 percent or something along those lines because they also have to seek reelection. So at that point it becomes a lot easier to break with Donald Trump indeed. And it becomes imperative for many members of the House to break with Trump, for example, who are in districts that are vulnerable. The agenda is always going to stymie efforts to break from Donald Trump, but the demands of seeking reelection will force them to create some distance."

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