‘Stop Attacking’: Lanny Davis Slams Obama W.H. Communications Team

‘It’s this cynical spin that I hear from the White House communication shop, rather than constructive outreach, high-level — the way the president deserves’

Lanny Davis Slams Obama W.H. Communications Team (Washington Free Beacon)

Lanny Davis, former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, argued the Obama administrations communications team has “ill-served” the president and they need to stop “demonizing the opposition.”

“The communications shop has been defensive, on the attack, always demonizing the opposition. Jay Carney did the best he could surrounded by partisans from his campaign who made the White House into a partisan battleground. That’s got to change to serve the president better because right now the communications shop is ill serving him,” Davis said.

When asked how the communications team could improve, Davis suggested they should stop attacking and conduct more outreach to Republicans.

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