Van Jones: ‘The Oldest Terrorist Organization in the U.S. Is Not ISIS, It’s the KKK’

‘You have a terrorist organization who is publicly marching in our streets’

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JONES: That’s real leadership. And it’s real leadership on the question of white supremacy but also we need leadership on the question of terrorism.

The oldest terrorist organization in the United States is not ISIS.

TURNER: That’s right.

JONES: It’s the Ku Klux Klan. I mean, you have a terrorist organization who is publicly marching in our streets.

I cannot manage imagine a situation — imagine Fort Hood where a Muslim terrorist shot down a bunch of Americans and the president comes out and says, well, there’s violence on many sides. There would have been pandemonium and justifiably so.

When you have terrorism, white supremacist terrorism or any other kind, that is the time for clarity. And my problem with this president is he is very, very good at specifically going after his opponents. He goes after the media, over and over and over again.

He goes after this politician, that politician. He doesn’t have — I denounced the media a year ago. I don’t have to denounce them today. No, he denounces them several times a day.

So there was an opportunity for him to say, listen, I am opposed to terrorism in my country. I’m opposed to white supremacy, and he didn’t do it. And as a result, I’m concerned about these young white guys out there who, is this legitimate, is it not, I don’t know.

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