Chuck Todd Cheers Democrats ‘Walking With Confidence,’ Most ‘Pep’ Since 2012

‘You see a pep in the Democratic Party step that we haven’t seen since the 2012 election’

Giddy Chuck Todd Cheers Democrats 'Walking With Confidence,' Most 'Pep' Since 2012 (NewsBusters)

Appearing on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports on Friday, NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd made a celebratory declaration: "Look, Democrats, for the first time probably in 18 months, you see them walking with confidence. This White House seems confident again....the Republicans in a 48-hour period gave Democrats something to run on. And you see a pep in the Democratic Party step that we haven't seen since the 2012 election."

So what was the GOP contribution to the supposed comeback? Todd referred to House Republicans suing the President over abuses of power and not yet passing legislation to address the illegal immigration crisis.

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