Bryan Lanza: ‘Trump Is Saving the Republican Party from the Republican Establishment’

‘This is what leadership looks like’


LANZA: "This is what leadership looks like. I mean, the president — the president — President Trump is saving the Republican Party from the Republican establishment. The impact that it would have for the Republican establishment not the past, you know, replace and repeal Obama care would just suppress, you know, the enthusiasm among the Republican base. They would lose credibility. I mean President Trump knows that, and that’s why he’s fighting so hard to push this initiative forward and many others." 
HEGSETH: "Brian, you were there when the drain the swamp phrase literally came to be. The president kind of stumbling upon it and then realized he had hit on something and fully embraced it. The original vision of that, was that — that wasn’t just Democrats. That was the establishment in Washington." 
LANZA: "Yeah, that was fixing D.C. I mean, the status quo here of just perpetual failure, failure, for years to come where none of the issues are really addressed where the minute it gets a little bit hard, people scatter to their corners and stop fighting. That’s what draining the swamp means. The American people have an expectation of their elected officials and of their government to function properly. It hasn’t happened for the better part of 25 years so when the president hit that cord and he hit it just right, he touched on something that we all believe, that Washington is broken and is broken because of special interests." 
HEGSETH: "You use the word fight. President Trump has been described as a fighter. You see someone like orrin hatch saying Mitch McConnell is the best majority leader we have ever had when we’re sitting after an epic failure and inability to repeal and replace Obama care, hah — has the Republican Party lost its ability to fight and president Trump is reminding them of that?" 
LANZA: "I agree with that a lot. I think they had a tough time over the last eight years. Now they have come to realize that they are a leadership. They have a responsibility. They have the ability to implement the policies that they have been champion for the last eight years while they have been claiming to be shut out. I think this is a huge opportunity for the Republican Party. A huge opportunity for the establishment. It is a better opportunity for claiming to be shut out. I think this is a huge opportunity for the Republican Party. A huge opportunity for the establishment. It is a better opportunity for the American people, who are looking for the change, who voted for a change in November and who see President Trump as an instrument to that change and a change in Washington, D.C." 

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