Trent Franks: Under Obama North Korea Tested Nuclear Warheads 4 Times and They Tested Missiles 11 Times

‘I’ve been on the strategic nuclear forces committee for 15 years; their progress over those years has been frightening


FRANKS: "I think they do. I don't think they realize how dangerous this situation is. North Korea -- I've been on the strategic nuclear forces committee for 15 years. Their progress over those years has been frightening. Under Barack Obama, they tested nuclear warheads four times and they tested missiles 11 times. So their capability has dramatically progressed. I will say to you that for them to be attacking this president is absolutely astonishing to me. This president is doing what is necessary to make sure when he says locked and loaded, I can suggest that's an accur Depp -- description our status at this point. The north Korean economy is $13 billion to $14 billion. Our economy is 1,500 times that size. That's something that we need to use in this moment."

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