Scarborough: ‘Donald Trump Is His Own Worst Political Enemy’

‘He has done everything possible to lose one health care vote after another’


SCARBOROUGH: "He keeps insulting the mean House legislation. Then he insults Lisa Murkowski. Then he insults all of these other members. And then he is shocked at the very end that a man who gave his life in service of this country in Vietnam and came back physically broken wonders why that guy is not willing to put his political neck on the line after a couple of years ago he said that he wasn’t even a war hero because he got captured. Donald Trump is his own worst political enemy. And if you want to go from domestic to foreign policy, Donald Trump obviously has been acting like his own worst enemy on foreign policy. And when he started talking about Vladimir Putin and Russia, it was just another example of how he really is now, other than picking a fight with a majority leader, picking a fight with a State Department and diplomats who should be doing his bidding right now in negotiations with the North Koreans."

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