Rep. Franks Battles Ali Velshi: ‘I Can Understand’ You Don’t Want to Talk About Bill Clinton or Obama

‘If you give me a chance to answer, that would help us both’


FRANKS: “The fact is we have a great deal of information on North Korea. We had a great deal of information for decades and we had an opportunity to deny them the capability and there are only two components to any threat. That’s the capability and the intent. And President Obama and President Clinton —“ 
VELSHI: “I really want to move forward. I really want to have a discussion about how we stop a war with North Korea. I really don’t want to talk about Bill Clinton or Barack Obama or George W. Bush or Jimmy Carter or Nixon.” 
FRANKS: “I can understand you wouldn’t, but the bottom line is, if we continue to make the mistakes of the past —“ 

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