Judge Napolitano: FBI Raid of Manafort’s Home a ‘Bad Thing’ for President Trump

Kilmeade: ‘Maybe they wanted to re-enforce the drama of the whole thing’

Judge Napolitano: FBI Raid of Manafort’s Home a ‘Bad Thing’ for President Trump (Mediaite

The Washington Post reported yesterday that the FBI conducted a pre-dawn raid of former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort‘s home last month at the behest of the investigation lead by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This understandably became instant fodder for cable news shows, and Fox & Friends was no exception as they gathered legal insights of this development from  Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Much has been written about the unique relationship between Fox & Friends and the White House, and the co-hosts did not any viewers loyal to President Trump in the way they attempted to frame this discussion. Co-host Brian Kilmeade seemed to suggest this raid was unfair compared to “other investigations” to which Napolitano took the “Ms. Clinton” bait (that went no where.)

But it was Ainsley Earhardt that asked if the raid of the Manafort home could be a “good thing” for President Trump (!). Napolitano made clear that he saw this as a “bad thing” for the White House before explaining how investigators look to gather information on those close to Donald Trump perhaps getting them to flip.



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