Israeli Spokesman Fires Back at NBC Reporter’s Claim Hamas Is ‘Very Highly Revered’

‘Because Hamas rules the Gaza strip with an iron fist, it’s very difficult to take pictures of anything that doesn’t fit the Hamas narrative’

Israeli Spox's Super Response to Mohyeldin Claim That Hamas 'Very Highly Revered' By Gazans (NewsBusters)

Do Gaza civilians support Hamas' military operations that use them as human shields and store weapons in their schools and mosques?  Ayman Mohyeldin would have you think so.  On today's Morning Joe, the NBC reporter claimed that among Gazans, Hamas' military wing is "very highly revered."

To which Israeli spokesman Mark Regev had a stunning comeback: "I mean, if you walk down the street in Gaza with an NBC camera and you ask people, well, was Hamas shooting from this building that the Israelis targeted? No, everyone will say, of course, not. Because you have a regime that is ultimately authoritarian and violent to its own people and they have that ability to control the message. It's like walking down the street in Cuba with a camera and saying do you like Fidel Castro? What can people say?"

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