Conan: Melania Says Trump Always Tells Her He’s Coming with ‘Fire and Fury’ But Nothing Ever Happens

‘He’s getting ready for bed’

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CONAN: "Things getting, of course, very tense with North Korea right now. I don't know if you heard the latest. Now you're hissing, I don't know what you're hissing. There are so many things to hiss there. Just the concept of war, I don't know. Today, President Trump warned that if North Korea does not stop escalating its nuclear program, quote, they'll be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. Yeah. Then Melania said, don't worry, he says that to me every night and nothing ever happens. So we've got that. He's getting ready for bed. That's Melania. He's coming towards you. That's his move, that's also my signature move. I'm coming, baby! Here I go. I look like a bat coming in for a landing. Yeah, it's getting weird."

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