Ford Jr: Dems Don’t Have a Message that Appeals to Middle Class Americans

‘I haven’t seen any evidence that the Democratic Party, Democratic activists, have figured out exactly how to change the dynamics of what’s been going on over the past six, eight years’


FORD JR.: "Two, there was no central organizing economic plan which Mike has talked about many, many times on this show for Democrats to rally around. Unfortunately Secretary Clinton did not have one and we were able to allow then-candidate Trump, now President Trump, to get away with the very simple message of 'Make America great again.' We have to have a message that appeals to middle class Americans. The last time Democrats were in this spot, a fella named Bill Clinton was running for president and he figured out a way to appeal to middle class voters, middle class Americans. Until we understand that again and rally around it, it’s going to be very hard to find ourselves winning nationally and winning races in a national setting, meaning winning congressional seats and Senate seats."

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