Soltis Anderson: Trump’s Floor Is 24% But It’s Hard to Govern with 24%

‘There are an awful lot of people in the Republican Party, an awful lot of voters willing to vote for Donald Trump because they didn’t like Hillary Clinton’


SOLTIS ANDERSON: "This 24 percent number that strongly approves, the 24 percent that say they would trust him because they trust the things coming out of the White House, I've seen that 24 percent number before in some of ABC/Washington Post's polling from about a month ago. They found 24 percent believe that Trump behaves in a manner that's presidential, they find that about 24 percent say that they think they like Trump's tweeting and he should keep doing it. So this is the number that I've now seen pop up over and over and over again. So it seems like, if you're looking for a floor of Trump support, 24 percent is about where that looks like it is. But it's really hard to govern and do much of anything if that 24 percent is the number of your core supporters." 

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