Ingraham: What Unites Schumer, Pelosi, Flake, McCain, Tillis Is Their ‘Sad, Pathetic, Fear and Loathing’ of Trump

‘It is the resistance to Trump that is playing a risky gambit’

INGRAHAM: "You know what a liberal’s idea of armageddon is? Not a nuclear North Korea, but a successful Trump presidency. You know what the Republicans on Capitol Hill fear the most? Not ISIS and a 500 point in the Dow, but a successful trump presidency. Today is the 200 day of the administration. They declared the Trump Administration a failure, but it is the resistance to Trump that is playing a risky gambit. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and planned parent hood on the left and on the supposed right, senators Jeff flake, and John mccon and Tom Tillis. What unites them is the sad and pathetic and fear and loathing of President Trump. They want you so saturated in the endless mindless Russia deal, another left wing intrigue that is fuelled by leaks, few believe their negative spin. These people are happiest when his numbers go down and his legislation and his confirmations stall each if their own approval numbers go town, too, it is it like they don’t care."

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