Krauthammer on Trump’s 200 Days: ‘I Don’t Think He’s Lost a Lot of His Base; Rocky Days Ahead’

‘The polls aren’t god as we learned in 2016’


KRAUTHAMMER: “The polls aren't God, as we learned in 2016. The fact that there is that great enthusiasm, whenever the President goes out and campaigns, essentially, these rallies, I think speaks to a lot of things. I don't think he has won over independents and Democrats. I don't think he has lost a lot of his base. I think it's mostly quite steady. And it's not surprising that the market would go up and the poll numbers would remain flat. The market only effects, you know, relatively small number of people. And, remember, the market response is anticipating what hasn't happened. Everybody assumed we would be on tax reform now. We are so far behind on tax reform. And also incidentally on infrastructure that we may not get a tax reform at all. The best we might get is tax cut, because everybody agrees on tax cuts, and that could blow a hole in the budget. So I think — rocky days ahead.”

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