Hannity: ‘Pathetic’ Republicans Have Shown Themselves To Be ‘Impotent’ When They Are Needed Most

‘Republicans are not doing anything’

HANNITY: "The pathetic Republicans in Congress have shown themselves to be impotent in a moment they are most needed. I’m going to tell you the most serious parts. Tonight if I’m in the trump Administration a or if I voted for him like many of you did. I’d be concerned because all that deep state noise we have been hearing from the left-wing media, the dust right trump media by the Democrats, by week Republicans have no lettuce where we are today. I have been warning you every night for months. Now it’s real. The deep state leaking causing hysteria is real. Media-induced breathless hysteria is real. The hysteria, the noise has resulted in Mueller’s hiring, he’s out for blood. Republicans are not doing anything. You the American people are the ones that are losing as a result of this swamp of D.C. As of now, tonight, sadly I have to say the advantage goes to the deep states. The advantage goes to the corrupt line establishment media. The advantage goes to corrupt Democrats. This is a huge loss for equal justice under the law. Our constitutional republic, a huge loss for the Americans and property on food stamps, out of work, the American people who voted for this president. A huge loss for the Constitution that we love of the United States."

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