Diamond and Silk: ‘The American People Are Fed up to the Roof About ObamaCare’

‘Now you have people walking around here with NO doctor!’


DIAMOND: "Hey, Sean, here’s tonight’s final word. You know, the American people are fed up to the roof --"
SILK: "Yes."
DIAMOND: "-- about ObamaCare. ObamaCare is not only a disaster, it's deceptive and misleading, because it was built on a lie. Remember what Obama said, like your doctor, keep your doctor."
SILK: "Yeah."
DIAMOND "Now you have people walking around here with no doctor, a card without care, high deductibles --"
SILK: "Yeah."
DIAMOND: "-- and these mandates are just a hammer that beats the middle class into poverty. ... Like your doctor, keep your doctor -- we don't like ObamaCare. So, to all of these politicians that voted no to repeal and replace, maybe it is time for the American people to repeal and replace you."

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