CNN’s Kirsten Powers on Trump: ‘Is He Lying or Does He Have a Distorted Reality?’

‘I have always wondered where this comes from’

CNN’s Kirsten Powers on Trump: ‘Is He Lying or Does He Have a Distorted Reality?’ (Mediaite)

Earlier this week, President Donald Trump made some easily verifiable claims about phone calls he had received that were quickly refuted. He noted that the head of the Boy Scouts had phoned him to say that his speech was the greatest one ever given to the Boy Scouts, only for the organization to push back and deny the call was made. Additionally, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has denied calling POTUS about border policy after Trump stated that Pena Nieto recently phoned him to offer praise.

During a CNN panel discussion this morning, CNN political analyst Kirsten Powers remarked that these claims made by the president actually raise questions about whether he lives in an alternate reality as opposed to him telling deliberate lies.

After CNN political editor Mark Preston observed that the president isn’t even a “good liar,” Powers jumped in to present her own theories about what all of these false statements from the president might actually mean.

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