After One Utterance of ‘George Bush,’ Frank Luntz Focus Group Erupts on Each Other

‘George Bush lied about the Iraq war! He lied! He lied! And Barack Obama is getting us out of a mess, he’s cleaning up George Bush’s mess!’

Fox Asked Americans About Obama’s Leadership. Then a Four-Letter Word Turned it Into Jerry Springer. (Independent Journal Review)

In this highly entertaining segment, pollster and Fox News contributor Frank Luntz asked average Americans (and Obama voters) what they thought about the president’s leadership. When former President Bush arose as a convenient scapegoat for any and all of Obama’s problems, that’s when things got heated. [Skip to 2:30]

Right, the four-letter word for Obama voters: Bush.

One guest said Obama needed “10 or 12 years” to fix all the damage from the Bush years. By that logic, should Bush have blamed Clinton for 9/11?

Should Bush have blamed Clinton for the economic downturn that started his presidency, only to be turned around with 52 months of job creation?

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