Marc Lotter: Why Should the American People Continue to Bailout the Insurance Industry

‘While lots of people have been crushed by ObamaCare — the insurance industry has blossomed’

LOTTER: " -- American health insurance plan spent over $100 million loan lobbying Congress for that billing. Why? Forced all individual mandate and employer mandate to buy insurance. While lots of people have been crushed by ObamaCare. The insurance industry has blossomed. They have done extremely well with it. So, in this process, there is also something called cost sharing reductions. CSR payments that were never appropriated. The Obama Administration started to pay them at a cost of $135 billion to tax payers over the next 10 years. The court here in D.C., not usually a friend of Republicans secretary of defense this the is not legal payment. On appeal at the moment. If little is going to be worked upon that begins to unset those payments. We can finally repeal and replace ObamaCare. If that’s not going to happen, why should the American taxpayers continue to bail out insurance industry?

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