Gordon Chang: Trump’s Been ‘Unpredictable’ with Regards to China and N. Korea and That’s a ‘Good Thing’

‘I think that’s a good thing largely because the American people right now are in peril’


CHANG: "You have to be predictable to your friends, South Korea and Japan. And for the most part the Trump Administration has done that with some regrettable lapses. With regard to the Chinese and the North Koreans, he’s been unpredictable and I think that’s a good thing, largely because the American people right now are in peril. And we need extraordinary solutions. You know, things that we would not have considered 6 months ago or a year ago. Trump is able to do that. So that’s the precondition of success. Now, of course, he can make things a lot worse --"
CHANG: "-- but nonetheless, you know, he’s doing some things I think are pretty good, including imposing costs on the Chinese because the Chinese have been engaged in some really reprehensible behavior with regard to North Korea recently. So, for instance, you know, those transporter erector launchers that brought those July 4th and July 28th missiles to the sites, those were Chinese."
CHANG: "We need to have a conversation about that."

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