Meghan McCain Mocks Sarah Palin’s New Video Channel

‘I got all my Sarah Palin I need for one lifetime’

Meghan McCain Disses Sarah Palin’s New Video Channel (Mediaite)

Meghan McCain apparently has no fuzzy nostalgic feelings for Sarah Palin.

Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee, launched her own web “channel” on Sunday, predictably to both cheers and jeers. McCain, who campaigned in ’08 for Palin and her father, Sen. John McCain, is firmly in the jeers crowd.

“When I looked at her site, though, I don’t know how this is different than a blog with video posts. It didn’t look like a video channel,” McCain said on her Pivot show TakePart Live. She compared the Sarah Palin Channel to another relatively recent startup. “Glenn Beck has TheBlaze which is an actual channel you can turn to on television.”

Asked by her co-host Jacob Soboroff if McCain plans to subscribe to Palin’s new channel, which costs $9.95 per month, McCain gave an emphatic no.

“I am not gonna subscribe to Sarah Palin’s $9.95 per month. I got all the Sarah Palin I need for one time.”

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