Krauthammer: ‘It’s Clear that Trump Runs a Very Personal Presidency’

‘You can’t have that kind of chaos in the White House’


KRAUTHAMMER: "It’s clear Trump runs a very personal presidency and he never had the personal relationship with Reince that he has with others. It became rather chaotic, the president’s own style from when he ran his business. You can’t have that kind of chaos in the White House. The really important question and importance of a military man is precisely what’s needed. Trump respects generals and he need somebody with a sense of the chain command and discipline. I’m sure Kelly negotiated a deal in which he really is in charge. You know what I think it’s going to be the ultimate question that was raised in what you said a little earlier? Does Anthony Scaramucci go through Kelly or does he go directly through the White House, to the president? The answer to that question will determine because it will reflect the authority of Kelly, it will determine the success of Kelly’s tenure as chief of staff."

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