CNN Notes ‘Blurred’ Lines Between Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Rhetoric

‘Obviously, there is a difference between being anti-Israel or against Israel’s actions in Gaza, and being against Jews in totality’

CNN Reports Anti-Semitic Protests in Europe, Notes ‘Blurred’ Lines Between Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Rhetoric (NewsBusters)

The media coverage of the current Israeli-Hamas conflict has been decidedly anti-Israel, and the lack of reporting on growing anti-Semitism worldwide has only made it more apparent. Surprisingly, on the July 28 edition of At This Hour with Berman and Michaela, the hosts devoted a segment to cover the virulent anti-Semitic protests occurring in Germany, France, and even in the United Kingdom.

Co-host Michaela Pereira led off by lamenting that protests from Paris to Berlin have “turned nasty, targeting all Jews. In Paris, protestors have attacked synagogues, they’ve looted shops owned by Jews, chanting death to the Jews.” Co-anchor John Berman cited an even more horrifying scene from Germany, where some have called for Jews to be killed.

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