Trump: The Source of America’s Strength Is the ‘Spirit of Our People’

‘The heroes among us represent that American spirit, courage, love and sacrifice’


TRUMP: "All American heroes, whether they patrol the oceans, protect our Capitol, safeguard our streets, or serve in any other way, share a common bond. They believe in America. They love our citizens. And they will stop at nothing to defend our safety and our freedom. That is why we honor our heroes and work hard every day to build an America that is worthy of their sacrifice. The source of America's strength is found in the spirit of our people. The heroes among us represent that American spirit, courage, love and sacrifice. Our hearts are filled with love and gratitude for all of those who for over two centuries have secured our nation and protected our citizens. Throughout our history, heroes have answered the call of duty to defend our country in its hour of need, and they're always there for us. And frankly, one of the great privileges and joys of serving as president of the United States is getting to spend time with these incredible Americans."                        

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