Rick Tyler: The Trump Presidency Is ‘Effectively Over’

‘I don’t say that hopefully because I want the president to succeed’

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Former Ted Cruz staffer and MSNBC contributor Rick Tyler, reacting to Republicans' failure to repeal ObamaCare, declared the Trump Presidency is "effectively over."

He appeared Friday on Morning Joe. Here's an excerpt:

BRZEZINSKI: “At this point, somebody in Congress or in the Cabinet, except for perhaps the foreign policy team, which I think needs to have an intervention as Richard Haass was saying yesterday, that the President has not undermined or thrown under the bus or let down. I think at this point it’s safe to say the world might be closing in on President Trump just a little bit. I don’t know and I don’t say that hopefully because I want the President to succeed.” 
TYLER: “I’d go a step further. I think this presidency is effectively over. And if you look back to different presidencies, you look at Bill Clinton. He had a rough first two years, very difficult two years. But after Oklahoma City he was able to regain his footing and become presidential until he slipped on a blue dress. But this President cannot change. Nothing about his behavior tells me, since the beginning of this process, that he was going to change. And if you cannot change and you cannot become presidential, and you cannot convince the majority of the American people to enact some legislative agenda that he wants passed, his presidency legislatively is effectively over.” 
DEUTSCH: “The health care debacle shows something also about his incompetence in that he never understood the job of the presidency. He never understood the job of pushing legislation through. He tweeted, but he never got out there and did what he had to do going around the country to build steam behind what in the end wasn’t even a bill. And he just continually on a daily basis, beyond his absurd behavior, his pure incompetency for this job —“
BRZEZINSKI: “It’s branding of a bad product.”

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