Noah: We Pay More for Trump’s Trips at Mar-a-Lago Per Year than Medical Expenses By Our Military

‘Taxpayers will be paying $60 million just for Trump to visit his own property like Mar-a-Lago’

NOAH: "So as usual, this proclamation from Trump was bull of B.S.. So let's try and break it down without going mad. First he says he consulted with his generals. But this morning the Pentagon reports they had no idea that this ban was coming. So unless he met with the general online-- That part doesn't-- and as far as the reason Trump gave for the ban, he said the military cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs. Now just so we are on the same page, Trump's agenda related medical expenses for the military cost at most $8 million a year, yeah. Also known as .001 percent of the total military budget. In contrast, taxpayers will be paying $60 million just for Trump to visit his own property like Mar-a-Lago and that is before he ordered dessert, 60 million. I know some people were surprised by the president's order this morning. But maybe we shouldn't be. Because even though Trump always claims he was for the LGBTQ rights, he never seemed fully comfortable in that identity."

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