Trump: We’ve Made More Progress Against ISIS in the Last 4-5 Months than Obama Made in 8 Years

‘Our military is an incredible fighting force’


TRUMP: "Well, we are helping. One of the things that we have made tremendous strides at is getting rid of ISIS. We have generals that don’t like to talk. They like to do. We’re with general Mattis last night. The success they’ve had against ISIS extraordinary. We’ve made more progress in the last four or five months than previous — I can say the previous administration made in eight years. Then we have to see what we have to see. I will tell you, ISIS in Syria, ISIS in Iraq, ISIS in other locations, we’ve made tremendous strides. Our military is an incredible fighting force. As you know, I let the commanders on the ground do what they had to do. Before, they used to have to yeah in this beautiful house and speak to people that didn’t know what was happening. Where they were, what locations, practically probably never heard of the countries they were talking about or the towns. I let the generals do what they had to do. We have made tremendous plans. We were discussing it just before. We have made tremendous gains with respect to ISIS in Syria, Iraq and other places."

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